Honey Done Did It List

Approaching my one year anniversary of being a new homeowner, in addition to being a new hubby and new father, I’d like to reflect on tasks and responsibilities that were and are on my “Honey Do” list.

And honey, how they do, differ from my former life as an apartment-dweller.

Before, in apartments, tasks and responsibilities mainly consisted of: taking out the trash, hanging pictures, and maybe lighting a burner that flamed out on the gas stove.

Now, as a homeowner, I’ll start with the year-round activities and then break it down according to each of the four seasons. In no particular order…


Loaded about 30 bags of salt into the water softener.
Fixed/scooped out gunk and food particles from the garbage disposal-nuts, paper, gross unidentifiable objects-a handful times of which the signal it needs be fixed is a gushing air gap from the kitchen sink, telling us it is backed up.
Cleaned out and vacuumed every vent and air return – about 20.
Prepared baby room–crib, closet racks, rocking chair.
Raked leaves – 10 times.
Pruned trees and bushes – 10-15.
Mowed every week. weed whacked every other.
Weeded all around the yard and flower beds.
Built, supported, painted the floor to ceiling mirror for workout room.
Stuck felt pads under the legs of every piece of furniture about 50.
Installed mirror on inside of wife’s one closet door and a jewelry rack on the other.
Cleaned out debris from gutters.
Change the HVAC air filters. I also taped all the seams of the HVAC for higher efficiency.
Trimmed down the flower beds-hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, lilies, and raspberry bushes.
Took down three walls full of tool mounts to prep home gym.
Co-installed universal weight set apparatus in gym.
Moved second fridge downstairs.
De-iced, dejammed, defrosted upstairs freezer – twice.
Trimmed out fireplace with wood.
Removed two doors and cut in cat doors with flaps–though we ended up removing the flaps because the cats couldn’t figure out the concept.
Speaking of cats, I’ve poop scooped the litter box every 362 of 365 days. Just sayin’.
Cleaned and replaced whole home humidifier screen on HVAC system…only to buy a new one a month later because the other was inefficient.
 photo 2
Pounded a scrap piece of wood to anchor a bike rack into the upper part of the garage.
Stapled string holiday lights all along the front of our home.
Shoveled the driveway and front sidewalk, maybe 20 times.
Removed wallpaper from kitchen and dine-in area. Scraped every little remnant piece anywhere on wall. Every. Little. Piece. On. Each. Wall.
Taped up, painted, and re-painted, primered formerly wallpapered wall.
Installed two children’s car seats.
Installed shelf wall mount.
Mounted coat rack in front hallway.
Removed, rewired, and remounted doorbell ring chimes compartment.
 burnett backyard
Weeded all around the yard.
Mowed every week. weed whacked every other.
Restrung /relocated garage door opener wall mount.
Fixed part of split rail fence.
Made garden area, mulch and papered it. 11′ x 11′ area.
Put chicken wire fence around garden and raspberry bushes.
Planted 16 tomato plants. We are possible opening a canning factory and/or pizza sauce company.
Hung Cash’s porch swing, anchored into the ceiling.
Hauled a dryer and washing machine up the stairs and another set down them.
Dug up and re-bricked patio.
Bought and Planted apple tree.
Bought and Planted Fringetree.
Hung a stained glass art piece.
Hand-wiped and scrubbed porch to prep for makeover with new outdoor carpet installed.
Mounted 3 hanging flower baskets.
Planted and prepped plant row along side of house.
Spread weed and feed throughout the front and back lawn.
Trimmed bushes and hedges.
Dug up and Removed yew bush and another bush alongside house.
As a bonus, with Kid Ownership – much assembly required!
(I’m holding the Allen character liable for my carpal tunnel for that irregular L shaped wrench!)
Two Pack n Plays(upstairs and downstairs) one with basinet and mp3
Two strollers – one jogging, one walking
Jumper with a ton of spin-y things, noisemakers and squeaky toys.
Activity gym – Cash pulls on tab and a circle of four songs plays that I will never, ever, get out of my head.
Baby swing
Rocking chair
Porch dining table
Four wicker chairs
Front porch bench
The honey do list is long and often time-consuming and frustrating to accomplish the tasks. But the busy bee efforts have never been more worth it…because I’ve never had so many worthwhile investments in my life.
Just like in honey is the nectar of the flower, in the honey do list is the nectar of my new life.

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Wisconsin Dadger

In a little over a year, I became a New...Dad. Husband. Homeowner. In a New Career in a New State.

One thought on “Honey Done Did It List

  1. Entered marriage, home ownership, and parenthood in one year? Wow! Congrats! I remember you from school days in Waunakee (formerly Kellee Krause). Congrats on starting your blog- writers just need to write! Good luck!


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