Word to Your Mommomma

“Hiii Dadadada.”  “MMMMMMommommomma.”

Cash is practicing his lines in bed early in the AM, like an actor preparing to go onstage.  Makes sense, his main profession right now is entertainer. And audiences have received him well, very enthusiastically well.

Yesterday, he picked up a piece of cereal from the table and put it in his mouth…all by himself. This eye-hand-mouth coordination garnered a big smile and small round of applause from MMMMMMommommomma and a “There ya go, buddy!” from Dadadada.

Cash has received these types of excited, positive reactions from all those around him his entire eight-plus months on this earth. Even after a bowel movement, MMMMMMommommomma serenades him with a happy melody as she changes his diaper, “Stinky dubby no more, stinky dubby no more.” She always finishes the process with a few big kisses to his smiley face.

And it’s the law that his grandparents-Grandma, Nana, Sido, Grams, Bubba, Grammy and Grandpa Vern–spearhead the ranks of his adoring fans. Hollywood celebrities should only hope for such admiration.


Not to be left out of the love fest are his aunts and uncles and great aunts and uncles and friends and even, smiles and small waves from strangers in stores, airports and parks.

Recently, a woman in a Northern California Home Depot stopped Meghan and was enamored enough with Cash’s cuteness that she took a picture of him. Again, the stuff of celebrity admiration.

Up until now, all of us who are fawning over him can only watch his reactions and surmise what he’s thinking.  As I observe him, I’m filled with wonder about what he’s seeing out our backyard, through our living room window, from his car seat and his stroller point-of-view.

With his emerging vocabulary, we’ll be able to better understand and know his what’s going on in that little head of his.


If Cash is like every other human, not all of his thoughts and words will be as pure and wonderful and profound and complete as we project them to be.  But, that’s also what’s so exciting about this new talking phase–we’re finally going to be able to get a peak into the mind of this little guy we’re all so in madly in love with.

We’ll have the ability to help correct, improve, scold, encourage and shape his words and his thoughts…and he’ll do the same for us.

For his extended family and especially Meghan and I, Cash has already redefined our thoughts on love…and the seemingly impossible search to find the words to accurately express how deeply and thoroughly we love him.


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