Clothes for Cash

The subject line, “Clothes for Cash,” sounds like a charity. And in a sense, it is.  We have received many gifts from generous friends and relatives for Cash. By far the most popular item gifted is clothing.  We received so much of it that Meghan and I have only bought a handful of clothing items for Cash’s 10 plus months on earth. I have only made one purchase for him on my own…a Green Bay Packers football onesie.


Wisconsin football baby threads.


And just plain football.
Along with Wisconsin novelty gear.
And when your name is Cash, you get a ton of clothing with your name on it.
And a ton of hats to adorn his little noggin
He was practically born with a hat on. (His first ever photo)
But before he was ever born, his closet and wardrobe was almost as full as mine. (Yes, that lower rack is completely full as is his dresser.) And don’t even get me started on his footwear…the kid can’t even walk yet has a shoe collection that Imelda Marcos would be envious of. (That reference dates me but if you don’t get it, look it up 😉
photo 5
The clothing can get very gimmicky and he probably won’t be crazy with how we dressed him but his family and friends are allowed to go a little crazy and have a little fun before he has a say in how he dresses.
His favorite thing to wear seems to be…dinner.
What Cash’s substantial, ever-growing clothing collection really represents…is how much he wears all of us around his little finger.

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