An Open Dormancy policy

We spent Thanksgiving in the idyllic scenery of Sonoma county. Among the heaps of fun and food…and wine, of course, I was struck by the autumnal red, gold, and brown colors of the vines. I hadn’t thought fall would leave its colorful mark on the hills and valleys near Santa Rosa.
I was unaware the region’s grapevines took any rest. I had incorrectly heard at some point in my past that the vines continually produced.

If Mother Nature builds in periods of dormancy into her bounty, maybe it’s proper we humans follow suit in our own lives. That we take time to rest and rejuvenate. The holidays are that sort of time. When work and worry get put on the back burner so we can enjoy the company of our loved ones.

If we can be present among the presents, we can take part in and practice the holiday spirit.
The holidays are the perfect time to eat second helpings, drink another glass, and indulge in dessert. Relax and listen and smile more than usual.

Dormancy is as important a part of the cycle of life as tilling, planting and harvesting.
The holidays are the perfect time for us all to practice dormancy. So go ahead and be mindful as this holiday season is now upon us.  I gotta go…practice dormancy…which may or may not look like I’m napping.



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In a little over a year, I became a New...Dad. Husband. Homeowner. In a New Career in a New State.

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