WWF. You may know it as the World Wrestling Federation, now WWE, with pro wrestling stars like Andre the Giant, The Ultimate Warrior, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Hulk Hogan…”What are you gonna do when HulkaMania runs wild on you?!”,

At least, they were stars in the 1980s when I, along with many guys my age, had an interest in the sporting entertainment empire.

A few of us in early high school, even attended a WWF show at the Coliseum, now, Alliant Energy Center, in Madison. We were not alone–the venue holds about 10,000 and it was full.

WWF to me now means the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation. As in, Cash and I’s latest bonding moments spent “wrestling” each other.

And while I may have him beat in the tales of the tape measurements= Me 5’11” 205lbs. Cash 2’7″ 20 lbs, Cash fights dirty.  His go-to move is the “Lip Rip,” a move where he plants his fingers on the inside of my lower lip, grabs tightly and pulls down hard. As I duck my head down to peel his fingers off my lip, he uses his other hand to pull my hair.

My main counter-move is to pick him up and fall with him to the bed, cushioning his fall on me–much sweeter version of Superfly Snuka’s turnbuckle soar onto his opponents.

snuka dive.jpg

After my Superfly move, I then spin Cash off my chest onto the bed, flipping him from side to side and pinning him with nearby pillows.


His giggles tell me my move causes him more enjoyment than pain.

Maybe our pasttime will lead to Cash’s future as a pro wrestler?  His current nickname, “Spanky” might even work into his persona.  “Spank the Tank?!  “The Lipper Ripper?!” Smash Cash?!

We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I’ll keep my chin up, lips tight and hair back. What else are you gonna do…when “Spankamania runs wild on you?!”



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Wisconsin Dadger

In a little over a year, I became a New...Dad. Husband. Homeowner. In a New Career in a New State.

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