Know thy Shadow

As I came home from work a couple weeks ago, I opened the door and Cash dashed right under my arm to head outside.

Now, that palatable weather as arrived in Wisconsin, Cash is taking full advantage for the first time in his life. He yearns to get outside as much as he can.

This picture of him seeing his shadow strikes me as his evolution of awareness of himself, of his body frame and of his movements gain ground.



Cash discovered this self recognition inside the house in front of a mirror and now, another perspective courtesy of Mother Nature, outside the house.

This brings up the point that all parents must face in teaching their kids self-awareness.  As Shakespeare once wrote, “To thine own self be true.”  Well, you can’t truly be true to thine self, if thine doesn’t truly know thine self.  Regular self-reflection is important for all of us to engender understanding of ourselves. Knowing why we do what we do and why we like what we like are key factors in being a happy and satisfied person.

In this respect, making mistakes are not big deal. If you’re aware how the mistake happened, you can correct it and learn from it. Great. If you make mistakes and don’t understand them, you can misplace blame on others and perpetuate you making the same mistake over and over. We all know these people.  In my less enlightened times, I am these people.

Like the sun on my son, the world outside you will give you a perspective on yourself from the environment, from those around you, that is not possible for you to have on your own. So, don’t fight it. Embrace it, observe it, learn what you can from it.  The only way to avoid your own shadow is to stay inside.   What kind of life is that?

I was once told, “You can do whatever you want in your own cave, live by your own rules or lack thereof. But if you want to get outside, you’ve got to adapt yourself to your new environment.”

Your understandings of yourself in the cave may get reconsidered when you step out of the cave. Be aware of it. Don’t fight it. Accept it. It’s part of growth and will get you closer to your true, complete self, than you could ever get on your own. Inside.

So, Cash, I hope you keep rushing outside for new experiences. You’re now part of the great big world. Observe it, embrace it, learn from it.

We, your parents, promise to help you find your place in it.




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