The Journey

Well, I’ve made it. I wrote one article a week for a year. Thanks to those of you who read all, most, some, or even one of them.  It’s a lesson that proves persistence and consistency are key in getting results.
If one had assigned me, last May, to write 53 articles for the coming year, I would have been a little daunted. But, as they say, every journey begins with the first step. Writing one article a week is manageable. It is also very important that it is unwaverable.
I had to write the article every week, whether I “felt it” or not.  I never skipped a week and then burdened myself with multiple articles for the next week. It’s too easy to tread on that slippery slope. To start making deals with yourself…”Aw, I’ll do an extra next week”…leads to “I’ll do four at the end of the month on a weekend.” It becomes easier and easier to put things off and behold, sadly, that is the inevitable entrance to Nevernever(getting things done) Land.
So, Cash, my ultimate lesson for you in this one year of writings, is that anything is achievable if you’re willing to be accountable and work for it. Don’t put anything off! Life is too short.
Most of my articles were cutesy and captured my sentiments that week. Some articles were better than others but at least I hope I achieved some quality in the quantity.
I’m not giving up writing but I’m not going to write just to produce and prove a point any longer. I’ve got other projects to get done.
If I write an article now, it will be because I really feel the need to express something.
I have to thank my wife for virtually every picture I posted along with my articles this past year. Cute pics of Cash were my bait to get readers so I owe most of my readership to Meghan and Cash.
A picture may be worth 1000 words but for me, a non-picturetaker, I’ll stick with the 1000 words.
So, Cash, one day you may be the only one who ever reads all these out of some kind of curiosity about your old man and your first year of life. If so, I hope you’ll find a few pearls of wisdom and a few laughs. But, mostly, I just hope it communicates how profoundly proud I am to be your dad and how much I love you.
You must know, your mom and I gladly and willingly pushed the life we knew aside to make room for you. To set a place you could thrive in this world.
We didn’t do this to raise someone to be average or timid or fearful.
A longtime friend paid me the compliment of which I’m probably most proud. “Chris, you live your life like an experiment.”  Maybe a nice way of saying I’ve wandered quite a bit geographically, careerwise, and intellectually. I have to say it was the only way to go for me.
Cash, please live your life like an experiment.  Because I don’t know that the answers I’ve found, will be for the questions you have. That’s on you.  Please know you were brought into the world to flourish. Life is big. Poke it around the edges and discover what brings you joy.  Never settle. If you have a thought you want to chase, chase it down and see where it leads. Keep curious. Don’t worry about what others think. Work to serve your own good opinion. Love your life. Fear has no basis here.
Failure is too big of a word and is discussed way too often.  It’s just trying until you get it right, however long that takes. But whatever it is, set your mind, set a plan and set yourself up for success. Every journey begins with the first step.
Now that you’re on your feet and walking around, I can’t wait to see where you go from here.

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Wisconsin Dadger

In a little over a year, I became a New...Dad. Husband. Homeowner. In a New Career in a New State.

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